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My specialty in education is theatre.  I visit schools to facilitate growth individually and group-wide to achieve better health and engagement. To do this, I teach skills to recognize limiting or self-sabotaging behavior, expand emotional management, and identify group dynamics. The arts are filled with people who have anxiety and depression, though no study has determined why this is so.  Students have different and additional burdens than those who came before them including technology, demands on time, and some have less preparation to deal with the day to day tasks of living independently.  I have been teaching in higher education for decades and witness the toll of anxiety and depression on students’ abilities to handle these rigors and more.  Add to that the collaborative work necessary for scholastic success and you introduce group dynamics.  Dr. Heather is an expert in emotional intelligence, which includes abilities of empathy and emotional management, . 

Sessions might include:

  • Examine ways of being with self and others

  • Listening

  • Attention structure

  • Resource building

  • Emotional component identification

  • Impulse from inception to action

  • Active and effective communication

  • Affect regulation management

  • Gifts of anxiety and depression

  • Navigate collaboration and group dynamics

  • Empathy expansion

  • Imagination as a Super Power


We live in a culture that does not often include the body in communicating, learning, or being.  Examples include texting, emails, and learning in schools is usually a sit and watch engagement. This leaves us with few experiences to use our bodies to give us information about how we feel about any given experience.  By exploring our full body reactions when engaged with others, we will more fully understand ourselves as well as how we truly wish to move forward with choices we make.  

This workshop might explore:

  • Sensory awareness

  • Impulse recognition

  • Proximity tolerance

  • Sound preference

  • Rhythm of self vs. others

  • How sensations translate to emotions

  • Listening to your inner voice

  • Identifying body signals


Hour    $250 plus travel

Half Day (3 hours) $620 plus travel

Full Day (6 hours) $1,250 plus travel and lodging

Week (5 days) $6,000 plus travel, lodging, and $50 per day food allowance

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