Life can be tough at times. Self reflection reveals ways of being and choices.  Choices define who we are, now and in the future. Choices can change. Life can transform - with courage and help. Asking for help is hard. Healing without help of others is rare. Allow yourself to be human and be supported into the person you want to be.


The body and mind are interwoven. Sometimes the mind stores experiences in the body because processing an event cannot happen due to trauma or other factors. We work to foster awareness around how your body is holding events to free you from discomforts and pain. Nonverbal work, sensory awareness, and other body centered therapies are involved in this work.


Every person has distinct ways of communicating with loved ones. We do not always clearly understand our expectations in relationships, which can get in the way of healthy and enjoyable relationships. If you find yourself in the same type of relationship again and again, how you operate with others might be something to examine. You can only change you. Couples work is based on these principles.


When you know you need to shift your relationship with touch because of a past that does not allow you to enjoy physical connection, touch therapy can help. We work together at your pace to redefine and adjust your agency around touch.  If you experience a void in your feelings, this can be a way to investigate a more whole experience in life.


That feeling of being overwhelmed, under pressure, and like it's all too much can be debilitating.  Every  person has limits and we will work to discover, identify, honor, and refine yours.


Everyone experiences stress.  Stress can evolve into trauma, and trauma can produce stress. We work to discover how you are being impacted by stress and trauma and discover tools to manage your life.  We will also explore ways to keep you present and aware of the ways you are being distracted from living in the present.


Priorities, passions, responsibilities and reason can clash when pursuing an artistic career. We detangle these to help you figure our what you need and want in your life, and how to take care of yourself along the way.


We live in a performance driven culture. We work to manage expectations of self and others alongside techniques to ease the relentless drive to perform. Sometimes this includes the ability to present to others.


We can spend much of our lives in school, which is a specific culture with rigorous structure. The choices made and tolls from academia can be lasting. If you're in school, recovering from being in school, or having challenges with academia, we can unpack what is not resolved, gain clarity, and help you move forward in life.